Custom Pallets 

RestonTripak is an expert in custom pallet design. With two decades of experience and industry-leading software, our in-house experts will work with you to make sure you get the right product for your needs.  A small design change to your pallet can make a huge difference in savings.


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Our Process, step-by-step
  • An industry leader contacted us about a potential custom pallet design

  • Their main concern was the lack of ability to fit more cargo per trailer, from Point A to Point B

  • They needed their pallets to be durable and allow for rough handling

  • At the present time, they were using standard 2-way entry 48x40 pallets 

Design Process
  • After reaching an in-depth understanding of the product going onto the pallet (weight, load, shipping requirements), our team of design experts reached a solution

  •  We settled on 4-way block pallets using new, hardwood materials

  • 3 stringers, 7 top boards, and no bottom boards

Data-driven Output
  • Using a data-driven process, we were able to give our client real, usable information

  • Safe, maximum load during transport and warehouse storage

  • Break-down of strongest and weakest parts of the pallet

  • Pallet life cycle & how many deliveries they could make before needing repairs

Custom Pallet Design Software Output.png
Bottom View of Custom-Pallet Mockup
Custom Pallet Design Output Software Full Deck
Top View of Custom-Pallet Mockup
Pallet Load Analysis PDS Software
Load data output presented to customer
  • With our custom design, our client was able have a stronger, better-performing pallet

  • Reduced cost of pallets 

  • A greater volume of product loaded, saving money on transportation

  • Removal of bottom boards allowed for our client to automate their production process


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